There is an unmistakable air of importance surrounding the race to be the 2016 Republican presidential nominee. Setting aside the fact that it’s been 12 years since the last Republican presidential candidate won a general election, or the fact that the last two candidates have been soundly defeated by the Democratic nominee, President Barack Obama, there are several added incentives to win the 2016 presidential election.

If the GOP can retain their hold of the Senate and House of Representatives, the party will be able to chart the political, social and economic direction of the United States for the next 30-50 years. There are potentially up to four Supreme Court Justices to be nominated by the next president. With four existing conservative Justices currently serving on the Supreme Court, the addition of another four conservative life-appointments will guarantee a titanic legislative alignment of the country’s laws in favor of the conservative agenda.

Moreover, a triumvirate of a Republican president and a Republican-controlled Senate and House will enable the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, the holy grail of the party since its enactment in 2010. With such a tempting reward in place, common wisdom dictates that party will aim to be at its strongest and most unified ever.

Instead, the current nomination cycle has threatened to derail this dream scenario. In most previous primaries cycles, a front runner would have decisively emerged from the pack by spring, and the candidacy announcement at the summer convention would have been a mere formality as the party’s leaders and rank and files coalesced behind the nominee. However, the 66-leg and four-month long primary season has dragged on and on, and there is almost a certainty of a brokered convention at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this July as no candidate is expected to win the 1,237 delegates required to secure the nomination.

As matters stand now, the Republican Party will be heading to the convention not only with a very fractured base, but also with its lowest favorability rating in recent history. The anticipated multiple rounds of balloting, horse trading and backroom negotiations threaten to divide the party even further. It will probably rival the stormy 1976 convention which pitted President Gerald Ford against Gov. Ronald Reagan.

It could get worse. There is a credible threat of a third-party run if the current frontrunner Donald Trump is denied the candidacy by the party leadership, whose proxies have made it abundantly clear that Mr. Trump do not have the party’s blessing. The last time that happened, Republican nominee and sitting President Howard Taft came in a humiliating third in the 1912 presidential election.

This has naturally placed pressure on the two other candidates in the race - social conservative champion Senator Ted Cruz and fiscal conservativism advocate Gov. John Kasich – as any eventual comeback victory by either man would be viewed skeptically by a significant faction of the base.

Despite the bleak outlook, Republicans can take comfort from the fact that the party’s well-oiled election machinery and motivated voting base have turned the form book upside down and emphatically won the last two midterm elections, and in the process, provided the GOP with its largest nationwide majority since 1928. So resounding was their victory in 2014, the Republican Party is virtually guaranteed to retain control of the House of Representatives until 2020!

In other words, it would be unwise to completely discount the possibility of one of the Republican presidential candidates being sworn in as the party’s 19th and the nation’s 45th president next January!

 Declared Republican Party Presidential Candidates 
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2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Common-Sense Leader
Republican Presidential Candidate Jefferson Sherman
He'd rather talk about America's problems and their solutions than talk about himself, but he's got a lot to say. Jefferson Sherman has three “core goals” for his administration, should it come to pass, focusing on job creation, honorable foreign policy, and reduced government.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Attorney and Certified Public Accountant
Republican Candidate 2016 Brooks Cullison
A man of faith for whom addressing the threat of radical Islam is Job One, but Brooks Cullison also worries about the abused and destitute in the US and the high volume of illegal immigrant traffic crossing the border with Mexico. Support for education is another issue on which he feels strongly.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
American Progressive
Republican Presidential Candidate Eric Cavanagh
With a platform that generally aims to the left, Eric Cavanagh nevertheless has a number of right-leaning ideas, including a 100% porn tax. He also favors “mandatory expungement”: Six months after being convicted of a serious crime, your record is wiped clean. Even minor offenses would be forgotten after 3 months.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Veteran and Pastor
Republican Presidential Candidate 2016 K. Ross Newland
It's hard to disagree with what K. Ross Newland wants to do as President – there's so darn little of it. He believes in limited government that leads by influence rather than mandate, while his strong Christian faith brings him to call for generous tithing that would allow churches to practice large-scale charity.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Businessman, television personality and author
2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump
A billionaire real estate tycoon, reality TV star and now, presidential candidate, the larger-than-life Donald Trump is shaking American politics to its very core with his no-holds-barred approach to politics. The wildcard is now the frontrunner for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Former combat pilot and current airline captain
Republican Candidate 2016 Chris Hill
Chris Hill is a combat veteran who served as a pilot during Desert Storm. Although he is running on the Republican ticket, some of his leanings are at odds with those of the GOP, including his “Living Wage” plan and his support for labor unions and recognition of gay marriages.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Water Treatment Operator (Retired)
Republican Presidential Candidate 2016 James C. Mitchell, Jr.
Jim Mitchell, Jr is a pro-life, pro-gun rights conservative from Illinois. He's got a bone to pick with crime, and his methods are as novel as they are aggressive: mandatory military service for young people to starve off gang recruitment, and free government-distributed narcotics to collapse the illegal drug trade.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Creative Dreamer
Republican Candidate 2016 Michael Bickelmeyer
An eccentric fellow who enjoys coming up with some very creative inventions, Bickelmeyer is running for the GOP nomination in 2016. He has a very dim view of terrorists and drug traffickers – in fact, he wants to deploy weapons to fry them from orbit.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Entrepreneur, innovator, limited government advocate
2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Brian Russell
Brian Russell is a successful entrepreneur who believes that implementing sound economic policy should be the government’s top priority. He also supports a strong military and foreign policy that presents the USA as the true leader in the free world.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
2016 Republican Candidate  Esteban Oliverez
Esteban Oliverez seeks to emulate what he considers the wiser aspects of both Republican and Democratic doctrine while discarding the nonsense, but he generally comes down on the political left. Nevertheless, many centrists may feel an attraction to his policies, which avoid straying far to either side of the spectrum.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Navy Veteran
Republican Candidate 2016 Valma Kittington
Valma Kittington is a veteran of the US Navy and a “born again” Christian. With conservative leanings on abortion, gun control, and drug laws, as well as a strong stance against illegal immigration, she is a good fit for many religious Republicans.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Manufacturing Professional
Republican Candidate 2016 Peter Messina
“Staunch” may not be the right word to describe Peter Messina's conservatism, but he definitely favors the right wing. His attitudes toward taxation, Obamacare, and especially gun control will win him friends in the GOP, but those same people may arch a brow at his feelings on illegal immigration and Muslim Americans.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Constitutional Republican and strong conservative
Republican Presidential Candidate 2016 John Dummett, Jr.
Hailing from the state of California, John Dummet, Jr is a Constitutional Republican who has become disenfranchised with both the Republican and Democratic parties.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Governor of Ohio
Republican Presidential Candidate 2016 John Kasich
The sitting Governor of Ohio has enjoyed stunning political success over his life, and he's hoping to ride it all the way to the White House in 2016. His incomplete rejection of Obamacare has put him on the outs with the Tea Party, but other Republicans are likely to back his strong conservative policies.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Veteran and volunteer spokesperson with Americans For Fair Taxation (AFFT)
2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Kerry Bowers
A former military man with a long career in the United States Air Force, Kerry Bowers has experience not only in the armed forces but as a police dispatcher, businessman, and in many other fields.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Army child and business owner
Republican Candidate 2016 Skip Andrews
“Skip” Andrews is a diverse candidate who probably has at least one opinion to please anyone. Few politicians are able to satisfy both a pro-legalization marijuana advocate and a staunch pro-lifer. Of course, this also means most would object to a majority of his platform.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Republican Presidential Candidate 2016 George Bailey
George Bailey has spent much of his life preaching the gospel, but he's had a rich and successful career outside the ministry as well. He's a solid conservative pretty much across the board. Bailey is unfortunately saddled with a number of health problems, but he doesn't let them keep him down.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Business-owner and Veterans Advocate
Republican Presidential Candidate 2016 Jim Hayden
Not content to sit idly by while the nation slips further away from our founding documents, Jim Hayden has announced his candidacy for President. This self-described “constitutional conservative” is making his second run for the presidency following an unsuccessful bid in 2012.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Engineer and perennial candidate
Republican Presidential Candidate Jack Fellure
A stubborn refusal to say “die” is one of the hallmarks of Jack Fellure, who's been running for President every four years since 1988. He's a dauntlessly religious man and a rock-solid conservative, advocating alcohol prohibition and the criminalization of homosexuality, among other right-wing positions.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin
On the surface, Andy Martin is a pretty straightforward conservative with little standing out about him. He's got a colorful past, though, filled with vexatious litigation and accusations of being an anti-semite. He has sued the State of Hawaii for the release of Barack Obama's birth certificate.

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Businessman and veteran
2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo
A “business first” fiscal conservative with a very optimistic view of the role played by corporations in generating wealth, Michael Petyo is himself a business owner who feels the United States has lost its way economically and that relaxed regulation on the private sector is the solution.

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  Ben Carson  8 Delegates
  Jeb Bush  4 Delegates
  Carly Fiorina  1 Delegate
  Mike Huckabee  1 Delegate
  Rand Paul  1 Delegate

The 2016 Presidential Election is unlike any seen in recent times. In fact, it may well be the most important since 1860, for one very simple reason. The 45th President could potentially be selecting up to four new Supreme Court Justices to replace the aging Ruth Bader Ginsburg (82), Anthony Kennedy (79), Stephen Breyer (77) and recently deceased Antonin Scalia - almost half of the nine-person lineup of the United States Supreme Court. With a historical 25-year average tenure, these lifetime appointments will directly determine the political, ideological and socioeconomic direction of the country for the next three decades, and indirectly thereafter.

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Pawel Kuczynski
To preserve freedom of political expression, the electorate must be both free to choose and adequately informed. There are over 1000 presidential candidates registered with the FEC for the 2016 election. Most of these officially declared candidates are marginalized or completely ignored by mainstream media and lack the benefit of unlimited spending by Super PAC’s.

We profile all official candidates, from all political parties, on a level platform. Some may be nutcases, but most are respectable individuals with legitimate positions on the issues. Any officially registered candidates not included may be fictitious, or have insufficient available information from which to build a profile.

We don’t know if any of these candidates would make a better president than a career politician, just as there's no guarantee that any of the 2016 campaign promises will actually be kept.

Word of mouth and today's web of social networks empower 'We the People' to promote a candidate more effectively than any media conglomerate, and subsequently scrutinize their every detail in thousands of national online platforms.

Take a look at the candidates, visit their websites and if you find them worthy of being given a chance, share their candidacy with friends and family.

May the best person win!

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