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2016 Republican Presidential Candidates  
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Declared Republican Candidates
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Latest 2016 Republican Presidential Primary Polls

Monmouth University
March 30 - April 2, 2015
355 registered Republicans
Margin of error: ± 5.2  Poll details






Fox News
March 29-31, 2015
379 likely Republican voters
Margin of error: ± 5  Poll details






Public Policy Polling
March 26-31, 2015
443 Republican primary voters
Margin of error: ± 4.7  Poll details






8Not Sure
ABC News/Washington Post
March 26-29, 2015
≈221 registered Republicans
Margin of error: ± 6  Poll details






March 13-15, 2015
450 Republicans and leaners
Margin of error: ± 4.5  Poll details







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Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Army child and business owner
Declared Republican Presidential Candidate Skip Andrews

“Skip” Andrews is a diverse candidate who probably has at least one opinion to please anyone. Few politicians are able to satisfy both a pro-legalization marijuana advocate and a staunch pro-lifer. Of course, this also means most would object to a majority of his platform.  

Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Veteran and volunteer spokesperson with Americans For Fair Taxation (AFFT)
Declared Republican Presidential Candidate Kerry Bowers

A former military man with a long career in the United States Air Force, Kerry Bowers has experience not only in the armed forces but as a police dispatcher, businessman, and in many other fields.  

Exploratory 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Former Governor of Florida
Declared Republican 2016 Candidate Jeb Bush

Florida's only Republican two-term Governor, Jeb Bush is a heavyweight political contender who comes from a family of presidents. His left-leaning ideologies make him too liberal for the taste of some in his party, however, and his lineage could be hindrance rather than help.  

Exploratory 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Physician, Author and Citizen Politician
Declared Republican 2016 Candidate Dr. Ben Carson

Ben Carson is an accomplished physician who is seen as a breath of fresh air in the world of politics. Now that he has left his position at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, he has stated that he is seriously contemplating a run for the White House in 2016.  

Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
International entrepreneur and business professor
Declared Republican Presidential Candidate Dale Christensen

With experience in business management around the world, Dale Christensen is a self-described “first and foremost” family man who advocates a variety of conservative principles.  

Exploratory 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Governor of New Jersey
Declared Republican 2016 Candidate Chris Christie

Assurances given to a number of his biggest campaign contributors held Gov. Christie back from running in 2012, despite pleas from party luminaries such as former president George H.W. Bush. However, Gov. Christie has been slowly but surely positioning himself for a 2016 run.  

Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
U.S. Senator from Texas
Declared Republican 2016 Candidate Ted Cruz

The Harvard and Princeton-educated attorney once served as the Domestic Policy Advisor to former president George W. Bush. Noted for his formidable oratory skill, Senator Cruz is viewed by some as one of the intellectual leaders of the tea party movement.  

Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Constitutional Republican and strong conservative
Declared Republican Presidential Candidate John Dummett, Jr.

Hailing from the state of California, John Dummet, Jr is a Constitutional Republican who has become disenfranchised with both the Republican and Democratic parties.  

Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Businessman and former IRS Commissioner
Declared Republican 2016 Candidate Mark Everson

A strong conservative with an extremely dim view of large banks, Mark Everson calls the integrity of mainstream politicians into question and accuses them of catering to monied special interests. He strongly believes a President should serve only a single term.  

Exploratory 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
U.S. Senator from South Carolina
Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Lindsey Graham

The former Colonel with the USAF JAG unit has been one of the most recognized Republican faces in the post-2012 election era. However, his reputation as a compromise broker in Congress has taken a hit over his recent conversion into a foreign policy hawk.  

Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Former combat pilot and current airline captain
Declared Republican Presidential Candidate Chris Hill

Chris Hill is a combat veteran who served as a pilot during Desert Storm. Although he is running on the Republican ticket, some of his leanings are at odds with those of the GOP, including his “Living Wage” plan and his support for labor unions and recognition of gay marriages.  

Exploratory 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Former Governor of Arkansas, Man of Faith and TV Personality
Declared Republican 2016 Candidate Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee is an Evangelical Christian who never shies away from his faith. In January, 2015, he bid farewell as host of his popular talk show on the Fox News Channel to consider another presidential bid. He expects to make the decision by “late in the spring of 2015.”  

Exploratory 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Current Governor of Louisiana
Declared Republican Presidential Candidate Bobby Jindal

Gov. Jindal created history in 2008 when he became the first Indian American to be elected a state Governor. At the grand old age of 24, the Rhodes Scholar was appointed by Gov. Murphy Foster to manage the Health and Human Services Dept., the largest department in the state.  

Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Conservative and Tea Party supporter
Declared Republican Presidential Candidate Michael Kinlaw

Michael Kinlaw is a conservative Republican who has strong opinions on a number of issues. His views put him right in line with a number of other conservatives likely to run in 2016. Kinlaw has no political background and has launched his campaign in his hometown of Houston.  

Exploratory 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Successful entrepreneur and media personality
Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Dennis Michael Lynch

Affectionately known as “DML”, Lynch boasts a quarter-century of experience in building and managing successful businesses. He has also worked as a film producer, made public speeches and provided political commentary. He has appeared copiously on television and radio.  

Exploratory 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Former Governor of New York
Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate George Pataki

A three-term Governor of New York State with an impressive political career besides, George Pataki is a red Republican who has found success in blue country. His fiscal policies are pleasing enough to the GOP base, but his stance on social issues may leave something to be desired.  

Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
U.S. Senator from Kentucky
Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Rand Paul

Sen. Paul finally emerged from the huge shadow of his larger than life father, maverick Republican Ron Paul, when he was selected to deliver the tea party response to President Obama’s SOTU address in 2013, and in the process, cementing his de facto leadership of the movement.  

Exploratory 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Former Governor of Texas and 2012 presidential candidate
Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Perry

After his ultimately underwhelming performance in 2012, Gov. Perry, the longest serving Texas governor in history, will surely be looking forward to 2016 and launch probably his final attempt at securing the Republican presidential nomination.  

Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Businessman and veteran
Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo

A “business first” fiscal conservative with a very optimistic view of the role played by corporations in generating wealth, Michael Petyo is himself a business owner who feels the United States has lost its way economically and that relaxed regulation on the private sector is the solution.  

Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
U.S. Senator from Florida
Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio is definitely on the short list of names for Republican frontrunner. Being himself of Cuban heritage, he enjoys strong support among the important Latino demographic, in addition to holding solid conservative principles that make him eminently likeable to the Republican constituency.  

Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Entrepreneur, innovator, limited government advocate
Declared Republican Presidential Candidate Brian Russell

Brian Russell is a successful entrepreneur who believes that implementing sound economic policy should be the government’s top priority. He also supports a strong military and foreign policy that presents the USA as the true leader in the free world.  

Exploratory 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Former US Senator from Pennsylvania
Declared Republican 2016 Candidate Rick Santorum

The former two-term Senator from Pennsylvania is widely expected to make another bid to be the party’s nominee for president in 2016. With a small but loyal base behind him, Senator Santorum would be looking to expand his demographic appeal over the next three years.  

Exploratory 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Governor of Wisconsin
Declared Republican 2016 Candidate Scott Walker

Gov. Walker’s proposed Wisconsin Act 10 triggered a wave of controversy that forced a recall election in his second year in office. However, Gov. Walker prevailed and achieved the distinction of becoming the country’s first governor to survive a recall election.  

Potential 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Former Governor of Maryland
Potential 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Bob Ehrlich

Bob Ehrlich is a Republican who generally keeps to the middle, as necessitated by his success as a politician in the mostly liberal state of Maryland. His unapologetically pro-business stance, however, promises dividends from conservatives and difficulties from most others.  

Potential 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Governor of Ohio
Possible Republican Presidential Candidate John Kasich

After his unsuccessful presidential bid in 2000, the nine-term member of the House took a break from politics and joined the private sector, most notably serving as the Managing Director of the now defunct Lehman Bros. His 2010 comeback saw him elected the 69th Governor of Ohio.  

Potential 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
U.S. Representative from New York
Potential 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Peter King

Representing New York's 2nd Congressional District, King has had a long and extremely successful political career. He is a former city councilman and comptroller, before being elected to congress in 1992. He represents the establishment wing of the Republican Party.  

Potential 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
Governor of Michigan
Possible 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Snyder

The former professor, venture capitalist, accountant and IT executive emerged from out of the blue to win the 2010 gubernatorial election. Running on a social conservative platform and gun rights, Gov. Snyder defeated his Democratic rival Virg Bernero by an impressive 18 percent.