Dale Christensen
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Withdrawn 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

International entrepreneur and business professor

Dale H. Christensen
Born: unknown
Born and raised in the state of Idaho, Dale Christensen sought his education both abroad, in London, England, and locally, in the state of Massachusetts and the city of Washington, DC. He describes himself as “first and foremost, a family man and a patriot,” while his academic credentials qualify him as a business professor. He enjoys a background of entrepreneurial experience that spans Mexico, Peru, and China. Christensen announced on October 6, 2014, that he is a candidate in the upcoming presidential election of 2016.

A religious man with highly traditional views on faith, Christensen values religious speech as primary among the guarantees of the First Amendment. While he respects the stated intentions of the Constitution to prohibit religious tests and discrimination in government leaders, and believes in the wall of separation between Church and State, he also feels that reliance on divine inspiration and guidance is crucial for wise administration, invoking Abraham Lincoln and that former president's admissions to trusting in God when he was overmatched by circumstances. He opposes abortion in all but the most exceptional of circumstances. He credits religion with inspiring the American abolition of slavery and the progress of the Civil Rights movement, holding these as examples of the necessity of religious morality in public discourse and policy.

Christensen is a fiscal as well as social conservative. He advocates dramatic reductions of government spending in all departments, as well as the elimination or consolidation of several. While he opposes the passing of an actual Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution for fear that it would lead to overspending, he strongly believes in responsible fiscal policies that avoid deficits and utilize only such resources as are available within the treasury. He hopes to eliminate many social welfare programs, including Medicare and Social Security, through gradual drawdown measures. Christensen also opposes virtually all forms of government subsidies, corporate and farm subsidies, believing that businesses should be allowed to sink or swim in the free market and farmers should not be paid to limit production as a means of stabilizing food prices.

Christensen is also an author, who has written at least two books about his conservative beliefs and which outline his plans in the event he is successful in his presidential bid. His decidedly right-wing political leanings will make him an attractive candidate to many rural Americans with traditional values, but many of his policies, which stray to the right even of the mainline Republican party, risk alienating him from large swaths of more moderate voters.

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