Michael Petyo
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2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Businessman and veteran

Michael Edward Petyo
Born: March 29th, 1949  (age 67)
Michael Petyo was born and raised in the state of Indiana. He served in the Navy in the 1960's and 70's before going on to own his own construction firm, The Image Makers LLC. His experience as a businessman gave him an appreciation for the contributions made by free enterprise to the economy, which he carries with him in his current political leanings.

A declared Republican candidate, Petyo is a rigidly capitalistic man. He extols the virtues of business, big and small, for their power to drive the American economy and provide for the prosperity of the working class. With little in the way of apology, he openly declares that large corporations should pay meager or even no taxes, so long as the people working for them are able to make a living and pay tax themselves. Requiring such tax-exempt companies to bank their funds within the United States, he says, together with the right of workers to purchase stock in the businesses for which they work, makes this system entirely fair and equitable. His fiscal conservatism also extends to criticism of stimulus money, which he denounces for being unavailable to small business, and foreign aid, which he believes should be limited in favor of caring for the American people first.

Petyo is also a strong supporter of second amendment gun rights, viewing them as essential to resistance against a tyrannical government. He claims that the disarming of a populace by its government invariably results in “democide”, or sanctioned mass murder.

Intensely suspicious of the federal government, Petyo supports the passing of a 28th amendment to the United States Constitution requiring that any law passed by congress must apply equally to Senators and representatives as to the people they govern. He criticizes congress for earning generous pay and benefits while being unable to plan a balanced budget for the nation.

Having never held public office (though having made two unsuccessful bids for congress), Michael Petyo owns his political inexperience, packaging himself as the average man who is best qualified to lead the nation. With strong conservative principles straying decidedly far right of center, he belongs to a caste of candidates intensely appealing to the Tea Party faction of the Republican party, while inspiring wariness in the mainstream GOP and likely facing enormous challenges in finding support among the general population.

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