Brian Russell
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2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Entrepreneur, innovator, limited government advocate

Brian Patrick Ketterer Russell
Born: unknown
If Brian Russell is successful in his long shot bid for the Republican nomination for President, he would be the youngest candidate for President since William Jennings Bryan ran in 1896. The 35 year-old entrepreneur was motivated to enter the world of politics because of what he considers mismanagement of the nation’s economy. Having successfully started and managed a business, and after building a successful career in the financial industry, Russell thinks he has what it takes to make sure the United States economy is on sound footing.

Russell is running as an outsider, and as someone who can bring the perspective of the private sector to Washington. In the mold of Ronald Reagan, Russell believes that the problem with Washington is Washington, and that big government solutions are not solutions at all, but rather the cause of most of the nation’s problems. For Russell there is no greater concern than the lack of private sector experience in the highest levels of government. Russell believes this lack of experience leads to poor legislation and poor regulation by those who don’t understand the issues, or the people they are affecting.

Russell also sees government overreach and government incompetence in almost every major news story of the day, including the response to the attacks in Benghazi, the NSA spying story and the RIS targeting of political groups. The most glaring example of government incompetence for Russell centers on the hiring of a contractor to build the website for the Affordable Care Act - a contractor who was not the best firms for the job, but rather a firm that had connections to top government officials.

Russell was also motivated to run because he believes in American exceptionalism and feels that our current leaders have made the decision to lead from behind rather than provide the kind of strong leadership America has shown since World War II.

Brian Russell is a graduate of Belmont Abbey College where he received a Bachelor’s Degree with a concentration in Finance and of The University of South Florida where he earned an MBA.

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